DigitalX (Digital Transformation). Moving forward in a digital enabled world. Improve planning, development capabilities, and performance to help to achieve a greater organisational success. Technology can be an integral part of this ambition to change, Human Capital is what drives change. Enable your workforce to work smarter towards a clear and deliberate goal.

The way we do business defines our Future, Change Management within a program of Digital Transformation ensures future success!




  • Creating Breakout Spaces for the Digitally enabled workforce.
  • Building Training environments that inspire and engage attendees.
  • Informing/Messaging people through a Dynamic Digital Information Stream.










We Partner with the leaders in Technology Solutions, ensuring all our employees both understand and enjoy the best of breed solutions of today with full sight of where things are going in terms of development.

We don't just Partner with the Manufacturers of these technologies, we Partner with you.



DigitalX will be expanding our team in 2018, if you are interested in joining an exciting forward thinking company, and working with the latest ground breaking technologies, send your contact careers@digitalx.ie.